inform-mode 1.6.2 released

inform-mode 1.6.2 has been released. It can be downloaded from or via github or Marmalade.

Changes in this version:


  • Added option inform-indent-semicolon. This will govern indentation of semicolons on lines of their own as per a request from Dave Robinson. The default behaviour, as in previous versions, is to indent the semicolon to match the current syntax. If inform-indent-semicolon is set to nil then the semicolon will not be indented.

Other changes

  • Add autoload hints for mode (thanks to Reuben Thomas for the patch)
  • Docstrings cleanup
  • Added a note for XEmacs users regarding extra packages
  • Tested on Emacs 24.3

October 10, 2013

inform-mode available on github

inform-mode is now available via github. Pull requests welcome!

Feb 1, 2013

inform-mode 1.6.1 release for Marmalade

inform-mode is now available via the Marmalade packaging system. A new version 1.6.1 has been released to make inform-mode compatible with ELPA package format; there are no other changes in this release.

Oct 23, 2012

inform-mode 1.6.0 released

inform-mode 1.6.0 has been released. This version contains a number of bug fixes, feature improvements and brings it up to date with recent versions of Emacs.

inform-mode can be downloaded from

Changes in this version:


  • Can now use customize to edit preferences
  • Improved tags generation to match directives and objects declared with class name
  • Added a Makefile and documentation to make installation easier

Bug fixes

  • Added missing Inform keywords, directives and properties
  • Fixed font-lock error with multiple keywords, eg 'else return'
  • Fixed byte-compile errors and warnings
  • Fixed bug in next-error on Emacs (22+)

Other changes

  • Adopted GPL version 3
  • Added README, NEWS and AUTHORS files to distribution
  • Simplified handling of regexps
  • Tested on recent versions of Emacs (22/23) and XEmacs (21.4)
  • Improved website

May 1, 2012