Feedback and improvements

Any bugs reports, patches, feature suggestions or other feedback would be welcomed. Please email

Previous versions, and the latest development version can be obtained via the git repository:

git clone
Or on github

The 'master' branch tracks the released version; 'testing' contains the latest development version but may not be stable. Patches are welcome; please submit a pull request on github or use git request-pull or format-patch. Please break up large changes into individual commits and base the change off the latest version of 'master'.


Rupert Lane is the current maintainer of inform-mode. inform-mode was originally written by Gareth Rees and was previously maintained by Michael Fessler.

Here is an list of other people that have made contributions to inform-mode (whether by code, bug reporting, patches, ideas, inspiration, testing or feedback). Thank you, and if I have missed anyone please let me know.

  • Daniel Barkalow
  • Jonadab the Unsightly One
  • Christopher Scott
  • Top Changwatchai
  • Derek Feddon
  • Dan Schmidt
  • Stephen Silver
  • Espen Wiborg
  • Marshall T. Vandegrift
  • Reuben Thomas
  • Dave Robinson
  • Samuel Bronson


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